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PHP Singleton Pattern

Singleton pattern is used where you need to handle some kind of expensive task – like connection to a database – and you want to be sure that only one instance of an object exists at a time. A very good example of such patter is below: // Example of Singleton Class. class DBConnection { […]

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PHP SOLID principles – mess explained a little bit

In object oriented programming there are some rules which help to keep development less messy and maintenance of developed systems easier and cheaper. One of such set or rules are SOLID principles: S – Single Responsibility Principle O – Open-Closed Principle L – Liskov Substitution Principle I – Interface Segregation Principle D – Dependency Inversion […]

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WordPress integration with CodeIgniter

No doubt that both WordPress and CodeIgniter are excellent technologies, and this post is not about why one of them or the other is better. There is a good reason why WordPress is so popular, and also CodeIgniter, which is often compared with Laravel and Symphony and labelled like “the worse one”. Reality shows however, […]