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PHP Singleton Pattern

Singleton pattern is used where you need to handle some kind of expensive task – like connection to a database – and you want to be sure that only one instance of an object exists at a time. A very good example of such patter is below: // Example of Singleton Class. class DBConnection { […]

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Laravel vs WordPress

What to use – Laravel or WordPress for a CMS project? Well,  it depends on specification and budget. For really low budget WordPress is by far much much better option. You can save huge money on design/layout, and you can find really good and not expensive web hosting for WordPress projects starting from about £30 […]

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WordPress taxonomy explained

WordPress taxonomy is one of the main reasons for which WordPress is so popular CMS framework not only for blogs but for e-commerce too. WordPress taxonomy extends incredible flexibility of this framework and plays significant role in  SEO peformance. Taxonomy as such means classification of things, so, sorting out an online shop’s products in different […]

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Django vs Laravel 8

As for most such comparisons much depends on what you need the frameworks for. Essentially they both are MVC, keeping in mind that MTV (Model Template View) for Django means in fact Model View Controller. That is – in Django View you keep controller logic, and Template is basically where you design how your interface […]