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Deprecated: contextual_help is deprecated since version 3.3.0! Use get_current_screen()->add_help_tab(), get_current_screen()->remove_help_tab() instead. in …/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5152

There can be several plugins related to the issue, but it can be also SendGrid plugin. The fix this problem modify sendgrid-email-delivery-simplified/lib/class-sendgrid-settings.php in line 52 – replace: add_filter( ‘contextual_help’, array( __CLASS__, ‘show_contextual_help’ ), 10, 3 ); with: add_filter( ‘current_screen’, array( __CLASS__, ‘show_contextual_help’ ), 10 ); And replace public function in line 101 public static function […]

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Laravel vs WordPress

What to use – Laravel or WordPress for a CMS project? Well,  it depends on specification and budget. For really low budget WordPress is by far much much better option. You can save huge money on design/layout, and you can find really good and not expensive web hosting for WordPress projects starting from about £30 […]

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WordPress integration with CodeIgniter

No doubt that both WordPress and CodeIgniter are excellent technologies, and this post is not about why one of them or the other is better. There is a good reason why WordPress is so popular, and also CodeIgniter, which is often compared with Laravel and Symphony and labelled like “the worse one”. Reality shows however, […]